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Anonymous asked:

Does anyone know the songs that Zadist sang in his book? I'm trying to remember but I lost my copy... Any help would be awesome!


I know that he sang at Beth and Wrath’s mating, but it doesn’t say what song… Just that the Brothers were chanting in the Old Language and Zsadist’s voice rose above the others.

In Lover Enshrined, he sang to Phury, Che Gelida Manina… which was Phury’s favorite opera aria, and the one the Wizard liked to waltz to.  (From La Bohème.)

At JM and Xhex’s mating, he sang a U2 song, but I don’t remember which one off hand.  I’d have to go double check.

As for his own book, I don’t remember him singing.  Anyone else help us out?

*All I Want Is You -  U2 (during the wedding ceremony of John and Xhex in Lover Mine)
Lover Eternal (book two), Zadist, sing a sacred hymn sitting on the bed.
*In his book (lover
Lover Awakened) sing to Bella a hymn to the Virgin Scribe,  a hymn in the old language which spoke of blue skies, white owls and green lawns.

I I hope to have been of some help . Bye.

No, thanks." Rhage laughed. "I’m a good little sewer, as you know firsthand. Now who’s your friend?"
“Beth Randall, this is Rhage. An associate of mine. Rhage, this is Beth, and she doesn’t do movie stars, got it?”
“Loud and clear.” Rhage leaned to one side, trying to see around Wrath.
“Nice to meet you, Beth.”
“Are you sure you don’t want to go to a hospital?” she said weakly.
“Nah. This one’s just messy. When you can use your large intestine as a belt loop, that’s when you hit the pros.
Dark Lover, page 131 The Black Dagger Brotherhood Book Series. (via bdbcharactersandquotes)
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